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Cloud Classrooms

Cloud Classrooms

Cloud Classrooms enable you to learn by interacting not just with faculty at your centre, but also with experts from across India. Live, interactive classrooms are powered by Synchronous Learning Technology, a real time communication tool that facilitates live interaction between faculty and students. This way, you can direct any questions you have to your faculty, who will answer them in class itself.
Cloud Classrooms

Cloud Courseware

Cloud Courseware is an intelligent digital device enabled courseware to help you learn on the go. It gives you access to your personal IPR protected content, secured to your netbook, laptop or tablet. It allows you to make highlights, create annotations, take notes and share them with your faculty and classmates. Its dynamic nature allows NIIT to send you plug-ins to include new content or reading material needs.
Cloud Classrooms

Anywhere Lab

Anywhere Lab allows you to practice the application of concepts you have learnt in class, no matter where you are. The hint system lets you seek help while solving problems. In addition to this, you can also chat with experts to seek answers to your queries. To complete the learning process, you get tested on the concepts learnt at home during your Machine Room sessions at the NIIT Centre.
Cloud Classrooms

Lesson on Demand

Download lessons to catch up on classes you've missed and revise previous lectures from anywhere.
Cloud Classrooms

Online Assessment

At the NIIT Cloud Campus, you can continuously improve your performance with online practice tests. These include cycle tests, review tests and sample tests for preparation.
Cloud Classrooms

BuddyNet Learning

BuddyNet Learning lets you hang out with the best students on the cloud to boost your scores. You can solve group assignments using services like blogs, discussion forums, group chats, groups, My Calendar and My Score.

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Our Programs

Revolution GNIIT gets you ready for the most sought after opportunities in new and emerging fields, and is the proven path to professional success. Unlike other professional programs, GNIIT is very different. Created according to industry requirements and standards, it ensures what you've learnt is relevant right from day one - whether you choose to work, or start your own business .Rigorous and future ready, it arms you with a dual qualification across multiple in-demand streams - and opens up countless opportunities. And GNIIT's unique, credits-based academic architecture gives you the flexibility to align your chosen undergraduate program with both - your choice of industry, and career. Which means that you - and only you - now have the power to decide who you wish to be. Know More about ReVOLUTION GNIIT
The NIIT Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is a practical and hands-on programme for working professionals made by marketers for marketers. NIIT and DMI have formed an alliance to redefine digital marketing education in India. The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is a program designed by marketers for marketers and is the only course in India that carries International accreditation and associated brand recognition which will make the certificate holder highly sought after by employers. Know More about Digital Marketing
This course is designed to make you a qualified Finance and Accounting professional. You will learn core concepts, terminology & principles, practices & processes, financial statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, advanced finance & accounts areas like working capital, loans, project reports, taxation, law & personal administration and managing business under statutory regulations. This course will also focus on enhancing your communication skills so that you are able to perform efficiently in your career. Know More about FINANCE & ACCOUNTANTS
Today the world has witnessed a virtual explosion in electronic commerce. With computers increasingly becoming the most potent instrument of globalization, the demand for professionals who can build and manage databases has grown in geometric proportions. In such a scenario, it makes sense to take advantage of the world's largest enterprise software company - Oracle, which is best known for its sophisticated relational database products. Indeed, when it comes to enterprise level database management systems on high end work stations, Oracle is one of the undisputed names to reckon with. Know More about ORACLE
Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing equips students with the latest tools and technologies on the Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing skills using SAS® Technologies and Analytics tools. This would prepare students for careers in Business Intelligence across a wide domain in the IT Industry. Know More about BI & DATA WAREHOUSING
Application development on mobile platforms is changing the way companies conduct business. Not only has the demand for more mobile applications grown, but the demand for cost-effective methods to develop these applications has grown as well. The boom in application development methods on the mobile platform make it easier for, developers, non-developers, businesses managers, startup companies, large corporations, and the average individual alike, to create their desired mobile applications. Know More about APP DEVELOPMENT
Java is an object-oriented language that enables you to create real world applications. Java technology based software works just about everywhere from the smallest devices to super computers. Know More about JAVA
.NET is a platform that allows a developer to make intelligent applications with interoperability across platforms, that too in a limited timeframe. The .NET platform also known as the .NET Framework enables innovation in enterprise application development and deployment. Know More about .NET
Cisco Training & Certifications create lucrative career opportunities by empowering students with skills like Routing & Switching, Network Design and Network Security required to manage today's mission critical networks and applications. That is the reason why everyone advises students to go in for Cisco certifications. Know More about CISCO
NIIT introduces a Diploma programme in Hardware and Networking domain which is amongst the highest paying and fastest growing domain in IT sector. Significant talent shortage in the Networking space has opened up multiple career options for aspiring students and professionals. Now master Desktop and Networking skills with India's biggest IT Trainers. Know More about HARDWARE & NETWORKING
Analytics is the next big thing that is already starting to transform businesses and their ability to compete by helping them make smarter decisions. Analytics is the new career of choice for those who want to stay ahead. It is among the most well paid careers (it is also among the most well paid first-jobs). Analytics is one of the best career options today and those who invest in it will be on the fast track to success. Know More about BUSINESS ANALYTICS

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What Students say

I joined NIIT to explore my knowledge in Java and to establish myself in IT industry. The institute motivated me to learn more and guided me to acquire success. I thank NIIT for making my dream come true and helping me get recruited in a good company, Volvo IT.

Sanat Kumar Upadhyaya
Certificate in Web Component Development using Java Technologies

I joined NIIT to get placed in a reputed company and become a professional. I am very grateful to my placement officer and faculty for their guidance. Behind every successful student (techy, IT professional), there is NIIT.

Santosh Nesaragi
Certificate in Web Component using Java Technologies

I am Shalaka Mahadik. NIIT gave me the right platform to get trained in technical skills as well as soft skills .I just got placed with Infosys for SQL profile. I owe my job to NIIT.

Shalaka Mahadik

Our Recruiters