Developing Games using VC#

The most popular source for interactive entertainment today is games. The gaming industry is expanding at a phenomenal speed. As the number and types of games are increasing in the market, so is the need to develop new and interesting games.

Programmers with a sound knowledge of object-oriented programming approach can easily use Visual C# to create GUI-based games. Visual C# is the preferred language for developing games because it is built on the .NET Framework, which supports interoperability across multiple languages.

This program, Developing Games Using VC# provides a thorough knowledge on the basics of game development for anyone planning to enter into the gaming industry. In addition, this program also enables the students to develop simple single user PC based games that are GUI based in Visual C#.


After completing this program, the students will be able to:
  • Identify the fundamentals of the Windows programming interface and the Graphical Device Interface
  • Using Visual C# for creating games
  • Implement graphics and audio in a Visual C# game
  • Create a help system for a game
  • Configure and deploy games


The students should have:
  • Knowledge of programming using C++ through Swift C++ Programming and Computer Science Fundamentals (SCCF) program

Exit Profile

  • After completing this program, the students will be able to create PC-based games using Visual C#