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Diploma Certificate in Java

Java is an object-oriented language that enables you to create real world applications with the help of features such as code reusability, usage of files and I/O streams, development of GUI-based and Web applications. This module discusses the features of the Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6), and utilizes the Java SE Development Kit 6 (JDK 6) and NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 6.0.1 products. The module also provides students with the skills to analyze, design, develop, test, and deploy a web application. This course describes how to create dynamic web content using Java technology servlets and JSP technology.
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Diploma Certificate in .Net

Without further ado, acuminate your abilities on database connected technologies such as ADO.NET and develop web as well as desktop applications using the .NET framework.
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Diploma Certificate in Finance & Accounts

Few courses have stood the test of time and Finance is one such course. The words business and finance have had a hand in glove relationship ever since the advent of enterprises. It goes without saying that Finance is a vast subject which has to be covered from end to end to execute financial profiles proficiently. The DFAA will hone you into an expert by familiarizing you with all practices, processes and principles associated with finance and accounting.
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Diploma In ERP(Financial Accounting) using Tally

Financial Accounting is here to stay and will only grow in expanse with time. With a Diploma in ERP using Tally, you will evolve with the ever growing knowledge of financial accounting. As this program was originally intended as a thorough grooming program, it also works on improving your communication skills as there is nothing as powerful as an informed professional who can communicate effectively. It's time for you to become one such professional.
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Diploma in Applied Financial Management

With market saturation becoming an integral part of career development, traditional courses such as B.Com are fast becoming ineffective without a complimenting course. DIAFM is one such complimenting course by NIIT which is rapidly helping Finance and Account students gain an edge in the market. With DIAFM, you can now learn the ropes of contemporary financial application, while still retaining the tradition values and knowledge of finance and accounts
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Diploma in Corporate Accounting and Applied Finance

Finance and Accounting are the languages of today's business. Organizations require professionals who understand these well and can contribute effectively to manage and control their business ambitions. Today's work environment is characterized by increasing globalization, intense competition, demanding value, and quality-conscious customers. In addition, an increasing use of technology requires smarter thinking and performance. The overall growth of the Indian economy and its various sectors has triggered a huge demand for skilled Finance and Accounting professionals. Most organizations are aggressively searching for a multifaceted modern Finance and Accounts professional who has the following attributes: management of customer relationships, application orientation, and knowledge of Financial and Accounting practices. Diploma in Corporate Accounting and Applied Finance, enables the Commerce student with the necessary aptitude, skills, and attitude to help differentiate and demonstrate unique capabilities that distinguishes him/ her from others.
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