Diploma in Applied Financial Management


With market saturation becoming an integral part of career development, traditional courses such as B.Com are fast becoming ineffective without a complimenting course. DIAFM is one such complimenting course by NIIT which is rapidly helping Finance and Account students gain an edge in the market. With DIAFM, you can now learn the ropes of contemporary financial application, while still retaining the tradition values and knowledge of finance and accounts


Programs for Commerce Undergraduate


Working knowledge of Computers and Windows

Exit Profile
After completing this program, the student learners will be able to:
  • Efficiently use common productivity tools in their professional work environment and demonstrate their knowledge on creating wide range of documents, organizing and storing information, creating effective presentations etc.
  • Identify common business processes and the role of information systems in automating, standardizing, and monitoring them.
  • Organize, summarize, analyze, present & manage business data using varied tools and techniques
  • Process financial transactions in a computerized financial accounting environment using 'Generally Accepted Accounting Principles'
  • Use advanced reporting and analytical methods designed to improve business performance or reduce risk
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate in a business environment, demonstrate interpersonal and essential professional skills as customer handling, work planning and time management In addition, students will have an option of pursuing an Elective course to explore advanced topics such as:
    1) Corporate finance and applied techniques used in management accounting
    2) Essentials of Enterprise Resource Planning