Diploma Certificate in Finance & Accounts


Few courses have stood the test of time and Finance is one such course. The words business and finance have had a hand in glove relationship ever since the advent of enterprises. It goes without saying that Finance is a vast subject which has to be covered from end to end to execute financial profiles proficiently. The DFAA will hone you into an expert by familiarizing you with all practices, processes and principles associated with finance and accounting.


Programs for College Students


Preferably from Commerce stream

Exit Profile

Industry relevant multi-faceted Finance and Accounting Professional

Course Name

Principles of Accounting and Finance

Course Description
  • Understand Accounting principles & entries
  • Create vouchers, ledger & trial balance
  • Create Rectification & final adjustment entries
  • Prepare P&L, B/S and Cash Flow statements
  • Prepare Financial Statements
  • Prepare Annual Report & its components
  • Understand and use Principles of Depreciation and Ratio Analysis.
Course Name

Overview of Capital Markets and Investment

Course Description
  • Understand types of securities; trading in shares & derivatives
  • Understand types of Mutual Funds; use of liquid funds
  • Understand Investment principles
Course Name

Overview of Banking and Insurance

Course Description
  • Understand types of customers, accounts and negotiable instruments
  • Perform Interest calculation
  • Perform Clearing and reconciliation
  • Understand Cash Management services
  • Understand Modern Banking - internet, NEFT, RTGS
  • Understand Principles of Life and General Insurance
Course Name

Basics of Information Technology

Course Description

Use IT and common software in a commercial environment

Course Name

Accounting Practice

Course Description
  • Create Company accounts proforma
  • Understand and perform Audits, internal audit processes, closure of audit reports
  • Understand and apply Costing concepts such as activity-based costing, cost sheet, marginal costing
  • Understand and use Export-import accounting - Letters of Credit, bill of lading, customs formalities, ECGC & EXIM bank.
Course Name

Application Software in Finance and Accounts

Course Description
  • Navigation through popular F&A software (eg, Tally), with hands-on practice sessions and specified exercises
  • Allows a student a learn accounting, unified ledgers, book keeping, comprehensive accounting, receivables & payables. Idea about inventory management and payroll accounting
Course Name

Professional Communication

Course Description
  • Learn Verbal & written communication skills
  • Learn techniques for presentations, discussions & interviews
  • Learn report-writing. Learn grooming and professional etiquette
  • Understand customer servicing and negotiation skills
Course Name

Advanced Finance and Accounts

Course Description
  • Understand working capital & term loan assessment
  • Grasp Inventory norms, CMA statements
  • Understand Financial Projections and Project Preparation
  • Understand Exim forward contracts and factoring
  • Comprehend ICAI Accounting Standards, US GAAP and IFRS
Course Name

Taxation Practices and Procedures

Course Description
  • Understand Taxation basics
  • Comprehend TDS, PAN, TAN, and other payment methods
  • Understand Income tax, FBT, efiling of IT and TDS returns
  • Understand Excise - central excise rules & documentation and custom bonding
  • Comprehend VAT, Service tax, Professional Tax, Works Contract Tax
Course Name

Law and Personnel Administration

Course Description
  • Grasp PF, ESI, Gratuity, Bonus, Contract Labour and other Labour laws
  • Understand maintenance of records, preparation of statements, filing of returns
  • Understand Payroll preparation, PF and eTDS statements
  • Comprehend Shop & Establishment and Factories Act and their procedures