EOP- Employability Orientation Program

NIIT Vijayawada is offering a soft skills program, Employability Orientation Program. The purpose of this program is to enable the learners to communicate effectively and face job interviews with confidence.

In today's world besides the technical skills it is important for an IT professional to communicate effectively, this program is on effective communication which emphasizes on verbal, written and presentation skills.

This program will prepare the learner to handle the interviews effectively.


  • Understand the Prospects in the Information Technology (IT) industry
  • Understand and appreciate the importance of effective communication
  • Communicate effectively over a telephone and through writing
  • Prepare and deliver an effective presentation
  • Understand the various personality theories and personality traits
  • Identify the growth aspects in IT with respect to personality traits
  • Understand the art of cracking an interview
  • Assess his/her Aptitude


  • External students wanting to improve on their Employability skills.
  • Students in the Old fee plan (as per IECv2 Release 2.0 policy) and not migrating to the new GNIIT R2 curriculum and going for placements from 1st Oct 2010.

Exit Profile..

  • Certification title: "Certificate in Employability Skills"