Proficiency in English Communication Workplace - II

Around the world, there is an estimated 1 Billion people learning English. Many factors point to the reason why learning English has seen exponential growth in recent years, but it all boils down to the English language being the "global language" of business, politics, international relations, culture, and entertainment for so many countries worldwide. And that is just an under statement as in fact, while English is not an official language in many countries worldwide, it is the language most often taught as a foreign or second language. Learning how to speak English opened up a large number of doors, doors that would normally be closed.

While considering career success, having the right English communication skills will surely equip somebody with a liberating confidence and ability to express oneself in the English language. It will surely be an advantage in interviews, thus giving one more opportunities to widen the career prospects. Or at any stage of career, having the confidence and ability to speak proficient English is one way of enhancing the potential for earning by making one stand out for career advancement or promotions. There has been steady growth in the number of companies worldwide requiring employees who have bilingual skills especially English.

Once a student completes this course he will be confident, successful and ready to freely communicate in English. He will also be able to portray himself as a confident and dynamic personality with ability to express opinions and offer advice on known subjects and give brief reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.


  • The program focuses on advanced grammar, speaking, listening, vocabulary, reading comprehension and basics of writing in English and identify the difference between similar sounding words
  • Enable students to communicate confidently in simple English, in professional situations
  • Enable participants to communicate more confidently in a wider range of situations either in speaking & writing
  • Enable participants to express opinions
  • Enable participants to handle calls effectively
  • Eliminating Common Errors in Speech


  • Completed 10+2
  • Learnt English in schools as a subject for a minimum of 5 years

Exit Profile..

  • The program will enable the student to achieve appropriate communication standards in English language and Speak with greater confidence in a wide range of professional situations
  • Ability to Confidently face interview /career situations
  • Ability in freely discuss in professional environment on issues ranging from company history, schedule, action justification, etc.

Type of Certificate..

  • Graded Certificate or Participation Certificate endorsed by NIIT