Post Graduate Certificate in Java

Post Graduation Program in Java

PGP in Software Engineering ( Java Specialization )

The large demand in development of business applications across the globe has helped in identifying Java as an ideal technology to create versatile, efficient, platform portable, and secure applications.

In addition, the world is changing rapidly and the new generation of computing devices offers us an opportunity to conceive products and services that might never have been possible before. Mobile devices are increasingly being used for browsing the Internet. These devices are available in a wide range of screen sizes. Businesses are increasingly opting for a building solutions through a mobile device. Android, backed by Google Inc., is the fastest growing open-source mobile device platform offers powerful development framework to build rich mobile apps. Learners aspiring to become developers in the Java space need to be equipped with skills to develop Web, distributed, or mobile applications using the Java technology.

PGP in Software Engineering (Java specialization) enables graduates to acquire skills on enterprise application development using the Java technology. This program focuses on imparting in-depth skills to develop Web applications on Java EE platform and Mobile applications using Android platform. In addition, the learner will acquire skills on JSF, Hibernate and the Spring framework.