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The NIIT Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is a practical and hands-on programme for working professionals made by marketers for marketers. NIIT and DMI have formed an alliance to redefine digital marketing education in India. The Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing is a program designed by marketers for marketers and is the only course in India that carries International accreditation and associated brand recognition which will make the certificate holder highly sought after by employers.

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Marketing never dies. It evolves. The latest form of marketing is exclusively digital. The CDM program is the missing link between you and the world of digital marketing. Getting a certificate in digital marketing will introduce you to the concepts, principles, applications as well as implications of digital marketing. And that's not all! Successful completion of this program grants you a certification from the revered Digital Marketing Institute, Ireland.




Familiarity with the Internet, email and some social media platforms such as facebook. Some basic understanding of marketing concepts will be an advantage.

Exit Profile
After completing this course, the student will be able to:
  • Gain an understanding of all major digital marketing channels including oSearch Engine Marketing oeMail Marketing oSocial Media Marketing oMobile Marketing oDigital Display Advertising
  • Understand the concepts of Search Engine Optimisation
  • Do Web Analytics
  • Plan an integrated digital marketing campaign
Course Name

Certificate in Digital Marketing

Course Description

This is an introductory certificate course delivered across 10 modules and is ideal for establishing a base of knowledge about the implementation of digital marketing.

It starts by introducing the key concepts of digital marketing and how it differs from traditional marketing. It focuses on the primary digital marketing channels that are available to the modern marketer. Search marketing looks at Search Engine Optimisation, the steps any organisation need to take to ensure that they are found in search engines and PPC, paid advertising within search engines as well as the Analytics engines required to monitor and manage search activities. It introduces the primary Social Media channels and explains how they work and how they can be used by business. Mobile marketing looks at the revolution, which mobile technologies have brought to the lives of consumers and how business can reach their target audiences through digital marketing. This programme includes modules on Email Marketing and Digital Display Advertising, it finishes with Analytics: how to track and monitor digital activities; and Planning which looks at concrete steps companies can take to implement digital marketing.

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Search Optimisation
  3. Pay Per Click
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Digital Display Advertising
  6. Social Media Marketing 1
  7. Social Media Marketing 2
  8. Mobile Marketing
  9. Web Analytics
  10. Planning Digital Campaigns